Going on vacation is exciting, but you will need to plan for it at the same time. Take a brewery tour, for example. It’s crucial to research what to expect so that you can avoid developing false expectations. When you have realistic expectations and know what you should be prepared for, you will be much happier with the outcome!

Here are five questions to mull over before you decide on a brewery tour:

What is included in the tour?

One smart way to avoid having expectations that are completely off track from reality is by doing research on what’s included in the brewery tour. Determine if there are transportation services and meals included in the package. Learn the number of breweries included in the journey and the size of these areas. It’s better to have these details first-hand so that you’ll know what to expect.

Some breweries that provide these tours do not include rides because of the size of their vehicles. If transportation will be provided within the facility, however, find out if there is a parking space where you can leave your vehicle while you’re touring. 

If meals and snacks are not included, you must prepare accordingly for a long day ahead. Bringing your water is a must to keep yourself hydrated.

Clarify how many breweries are included in the tour so that you can better plan your day and your budget. If you plan to buy a few drinks, look into the prices of the bottles so that you bring enough money.

What will happen during the tour itself?

While on tour, you will be able to taste different beer brews. While this is an unwritten benefit, make sure that you confirm this with the tour operator anyway. After all, you’ll be left disappointed if you aren’t allowed to try certain beverages you were looking forward to.

Aside from beer sampling, you will be taken through the different steps of brewing. You will learn more about how craft beers are developed, who is responsible for the entire process, and what are the finest brews. At the end of the tour, buy items from the souvenir shop that you can take home as a remembrance.

What about group reservations?

Ask the brewery if they cap the number of guests daily. If they do, it’s best to take a morning tour to ensure that you will make the cut. Another perk is that the sun’s heat won’t be as intense. Book the brewery tour early to guarantee that your group gets to go together in one ride. Finally, inform the organizer of the exact number of people in your group for a precise headcount.

What can I do during a tour?

Tours that last for more than half a day often include snacks and a bottle of water. Unfortunately, drinking beer may not be allowed for everyone’s safety. You can sample beers after the tour and grab a quick bite of food if there is an on-site restaurant.

What do I need to bring?

Aside from items like mobile phones, cameras, and money, there isn’t typically anything you are required to bring on a brewery tour. That said, you may be asked to present a ticket that you received a few days prior to the tour. While some breweries are satisfied in seeing a screenshot of your pass, others may require you to bring a printed copy because they need to scan the bar code for verification.

To save you from the hassle, coordinate with a company that has experience in organizing beer tours. You can tell them how many people will be joining the tour and what are they expecting from the experience. The best brewery tour operators receive excellent remarks from previous customers and have strong ties with a wide network of breweries.

A high-quality brewery tour operator can choose the perfect tour for you, offering quality service that you could not get elsewhere. If you’re looking to go on a beer tour in Geelong, get in touch with us today to book your visit!