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We like to keep it simple, fun and tasty. We keep it simple by making it easy to book, the fun is a team effort from all on the day and the tasty part is the delicious beer you get to enjoy. Book your mates in and Book a Geelong Beer Tour today!

Welcome to your Geelong Beer Tour!

I am of the belief that nothing forges ‘mateship’ better than cold beer and when you are tasting several beers having a great time with your mates the day really can’t get much better than that.

My name is David, and being someone that loves getting a good crew together for a good time I coudn’t think of a better way to do it other than a day of exploring the incredible breweries throughout Geelong.

The craft beer scene in Geelong is alive and growing and it is one that you will enjoy exploring as we bounce from one brewery to the next in search of the blissful beverage we call beer.

Here at Geelong Beer Tours we are all about creating the right day for you and your crew. There are four package options that we offer but if you can’t see what you want there then rest assured we will create it for you.

Book in a Beer Tour today, because quite simply;


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The Breweries of Geelong

The Geelong Brewery scene is a growing one and although we also venture out of Geelong to connect your to the breweries there is no doubt that what is on offer when it comes to local beer in the region is exciting.

Check out the available ready to go packages to see where your next beer tour will take you.

Want to get out and explore all the way down to Forrest, pick that package. Want to mix it up a little, pick the Geelong & Bellarine option. Like the idea of a Surfcoast Beer Tour then jump on-board.

With so many breweries to visit you will want to come back for a second go around.