The dynamic brewing landscape is igniting innovations that have revolutionized craft beer. The shift also persuades millennials to try craft beer. Brewers cannot disregard this emerging market anymore, and here are some surprising insights about craft beer consumption among millennials.

Rising preference for craft beer

Craft beer consumption among individuals under 30 years increased over the past two years. Beer quality is the foremost reason for the shift, but some of them are switching to craft beer because they want to try something new. Consumers can experiment with a wide array of craft beer styles and tastes that they drink even beyond the pub and the restaurant.

Purpose is the key

About 45 per cent of 18 to 30-year-old individuals agree that their beer tells much about their personality. Aside from the company’s purpose, consumers also look after their story and their motivations to develop such brews. Craft beer brewers are great in sharing the passion behind their business, and that kind of branding motivates six out of ten millennials to purchase their beer.

Sustainability is important

The same branding applies to older drinkers as half of the respondents revealed that sustainability boosts the product’s attractiveness. Participants perceive craft beer as more sustainable than mass-consumed beer, and consumers seek more details about their history and the ingredients of the craft beer.

What does this mean for the industry?

Start-up craft beer companies and established breweries must meet the growing demand for high-quality beers that offer various tastes. These innovative beverages align with their mission of maintaining a sustainable world, which is vital to captivate new consumers for many years to come. The new generation of craft fans will also help bring out new beer variants that brewers around the globe must develop to address the increased customer demand.

Beer drinking as a social event

Millennials are converting beer drinking into a social experience because they love to attend gatherings and events where they can score these innovative brews. That’s why breweries are spreading like wildfire in hopes of getting their share of the millennial market.

In turn, breweries improve the beer drinking experience by hosting themed events, food trucks, and trivia nights to attract millennials to have a fun night while tasting their classic and contemporary brews. Pair that fantastic experience with fancy decorations, and you can feel the inclusiveness that these breweries bring.

This generation revived the inclusivity in beer drinking, and big beer conglomerates will benefit from listening to the younger consumers. They are in search of quality craft beer, and that’s what they must offer because millennials share the latest trends and hippest brews with their friends.

Browsing through the tweets or Instagram posts of these individuals will show the corporate world of their preferences. They must listen to this generation if they want to sustain their business. Otherwise, independent breweries will take centre stage, and their market share may dwindle if they keep on offering their old brews.

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