Some people would say, “How difficult is it to order a beer?” Well, it’s not that easy in Australia. While the rest of the world thinks ordering a pint or glass of beer is simple, ordering a beer in different Australian states and territories can be a bit complicated.

As much as everyone has shared love and interest for beer, there are differences in ways of ordering a beer in the Land Down Under. So if Australia is your next destination and you don’t want to end up looking like a newbie when chilling at the local brewery, here are some things you need to know when ordering a beer.

First, let us familiarize ourselves with Australia.

There are six Australian states:

  • Victoria – famous for the Victoria Bitter Beer and the Great Ocean Road
  • New South Wales – where Sydney is located
  • Tasmania
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia

There are also two territories:

  • Northern Territory – home to the Alice Springs and Darwin
  • The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) – or Canberra (Australia’s capital city)

Shouting Is Common in Australia

We are not talking about shouting or yelling when you order a beer—that is just plain rude. When in Australia, shouting a beer is normal when you are out with your mates. If it is your turn to buy beers for your friends, you say “my shout.” Everyone says that—unless you are that person who suddenly goes to the toilet when it’s your turn. At one point or another, everyone will have their “shout.”

Know Your Glass Sizes

In Australia, one size does not fit all. A true test of being an Australian beer aficionado is having the knowledge of which beer glass term to use and where to use them. Ask for a pot in Darwin, and you will probably end up in jail. Order a schooner in Victoria, and you will get blank stares. Australia’s beer has two basic sizes—small beer is at 285mL and the larger one is at 425mL.

Here’s your guide:

Northern TerritoryHandleSchooner
Western AustraliaMiddySchooner
South AustraliaSchoonerPint

Remember, these terms are only applicable if you order beers on tap. “Pint” will work in most of the states where you will be served with a 570ml or 20 fl. oz. glass. The exception is in South Australia, where locals call it the “imperial pint.” If you are still rather confused, be safe, and just order a bottle.

Beer On the Go

Have another Australian experience and explore different things, such as in Victoria, where you can have a visit to the “bottle-o” (drive-thru bottle shop). You will have the experience of getting a few cans of beers or tinnies without leaving the comforts of your car. While you’re at it, do not forget your koozie or the stubby holder to keep your bottle cold.

There is no exact science in this kind of culture. But it is better to equip yourself with basic knowledge. When in Victoria, visit Geelong Beer. All beers are fresh and, who knows, you might have a few beer lessons with the crew.

If you are looking for beer tours in the Geelong area, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.