If you’re a beer enthusiast, you may have come across Geelong Beer Tours. After all, they offer some of the best beer tours you can ever find, giving you a chance to experience new beers, leading you ever so closer to your life-long dream of drinking that perfect beer. 

The real reward from such a tour isn’t the wonderful beers you encounter along the way, but it is in the people you share it with. In fact, you’ll soon notice that no matter which brewery tour you join, you end up with the same type of people. 

Here are the six different types of people you’ll encounter during your beer tour that you should know about:

1. The Searcher

The searcher will tell of his adventures, travelling the world in search of the perfect pint of beer. You’ll notice his collection of beer-related accessories adorned on his body, from hats to glasses, and water bottles to jackets, all worn with pride whichever bar he ends up in.

2. The Silent Sipper

This person is usually tucked away in the corner of a room, sipping away at the beer and continuously writing down notes. Whether she’s writing a review about the beer itself or the venue, it will be hard to tell. All you do know is that you should best leave her alone. She’ll let you know once she’s done jotting down every bit of detail down on her notepad.

3. The Happy-Go-Lucky Guy

Happy-go-lucky is how this guy enjoys his life. Dressed well and always smiling, he’ll sit down and share a pint with you, cracking a joke and telling you all about why life’s just so good. He might even have his puppy along for the tour!

4. The Sports Lover

Whether it is college-level sports or one known world-wide, you’ll always find a sports lover amidst the group. You’ll be able to tell right away when you first meet the person, thanks to their crewneck outfit boasting their favourite teams. Otherwise, you might just notice the team logo on their phone case when they whip it out to take photos.

5. The Questioner

Well, this guy might just end up in every tour you join, whether beer-tour or not. They fire random questions they already know the answer to, sidetracking the guide as well as confusing everyone else. Don’t be surprised if you find him blabbering on about his brand-new social media account exclusively all about beer.

6. The Lover of Exclusives

While you might not encounter this rare type of person in just any standard tour, you’ll run into one if the tours have the word “special” in it. He’ll be standing front line and centre, ready to grab and thoroughly analyze every bit of detail on the cans. Then, he’ll start talking to other folks around him, getting them to sell him their cans, which will soon end up on sale online ten times the price for what you bought it for.

Wrapping up

Simply put, you’ll run into many interesting types of people during your brewery tours. If you’re new to such tours, fret not because you’ll get used to them in no time. You might perhaps even figure out which ones you are! That said, enjoy the drinks and the companionship you’ll gain along the way. After all, everyone’s together for one reason, which is to enjoy a good drink.

If you’re looking to go for a beer tour of the Geelong Breweries, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.