From time to time, there’s always a hot new type of alcohol that gets all the buzz and comes and then goes after a few months. Yet, there’s one drink that’s here to stay and feels perfect with every sip: craft beer. 

Whether you’re a “bottle-a-week” drinker in Geelong or someone who has a daily brewski, craft beer will always hit the right spots on your tongue all the way to the depths of your core. If you’ve grown a certain affinity for craft beer, there are a few ways to tell if you really love craft beer more than any other drink. 

To really know if you have a passion for finely-crafted brews, here are five signs that you’ve earned the title of “certified craft beer lover”:

1. You’d rather be alone with a craft beer on Friday nights than out with other people

If you find yourself loving craft beer much more than you do people, then there’s no need to worry because your relationship with the fine alcohol is justified. This is because it can never let you down, it’s always there for you, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy deep inside all the time. For instance, instead of going on a trip abroad with a few friends, you’d rather spend your time on a Geelong Beer Tour that lets you know your favourite bottles on a deeper level.

2. You always try new brews every chance that you get

With thousands of different options available on the market, there’s no excuse not to try a new brew every chance that you get—the best part is that it excites you. Another point that shows you’re a certified craft beer lover is that you have a set goal or routine every week that involves trying a new brewery or opting for a new bottle of beer from your “must-taste” list. 

3. You innately sip a bottle of beer instead of chugging it

Long gone are the days in college spend on chugging bottles of beers with your buddies and doing keg handstands on the weekends. Ever since you’ve gotten into craft beer, slowly sipping from a bottle and tasting every one of its components is now second nature to you. If this type of maturity and class isn’t a sign that you love craft beer, we don’t know what is. 

4. You can taste all the flavour notes in a craft beer and identify them

If you find yourself zoning in on the flavour of any bottle and accurately identifying them one by one as you go with every sip, then it’s clear that you’ve grown to love craft beer. As a bonus, if you describe your craft beer as you drink it and know what parts of the processes are responsible for every aspect of the drink that you taste, only then can you call yourself a true connoisseur! 

5. You love to brew your own craft beer

It may be one thing to always look forward to a bottle of craft beer, but it’s an entirely new story if you brew your own craft beer. Often defined as the last step of the human-craft beer relationship, brewing your own ale is the real guarantee that you hold a strong love for the ale itself—to the point that you feel inclined to make your own. 

Final words

Falling in love with craft beer can often be described as a wonderful experience that allows any drinker or connoisseur to enjoy the finer details in every bottle that they drink. If you’ve been looking to take your loving relationship with craft beer to the next level, then it’s time to schedule a Geelong Beer Tour right away!