Wistful tipplers and beer aficionados across the globe know that independent brewers like Geelong Beer Tour are turning the pub scene in Australia upside down with their unique creations. From clubs, pubs, bars, to cafes, craft beer is becoming mainstream as it opens up a world of flavours with different breweries.

Choosing craft beers over a well-known, commercial brand may not be the most convenient option. While you can’t easily find it in your local supermarket, it provides a one-of-a-kind experience to beer enthusiasts as it packs a more diverse and flavorful punch. Consequently, take a cold swig on the benefits of supporting your local brewery below:

Craft Beer Offers Innovative Flavors

Brewing your average beer isn’t rocket science. You can easily loosen up with the right mixture of water, grains, hops, and yeast. Your local, independent brewery, on the other hand, uses fresher and organic ingredients to strive for a superior taste.

Craft beer also welcomes a colourful selection of flavours to match every season, from pumpkin spice, earl grey, lollies, and even unconventional ingredients like seawater to push the brewery’s creative limits.

Craft Beer Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

The average alcohol by volume (ABV) content of your favourite craft beer ranges between five to ten per cent. Seeing as craft beer is well-known for its diversity, some local breweries release craft beers with an ABV as high as a whopping 40 per cent.

Adding dashes of magic and love in their brewing process, you’re sure to taste the deep, rich flavours of craft beer and get buzzed in a single drink compared to non-craft cold ones with only two to six per cent ABV.

Craft Beer Offers Better Nutritional Value

Quality craft beers not only tastes good, but it can also contribute to your health so long as you consume it in moderation. In addition to giving a good buzz, it also provides protein, vitamin B, and antioxidant properties that can help lower rates of cardiovascular disease, improve bone density, and even lower your instances of diabetes.

Craft Beer is made in a Sustainable Manner

Most local brewers like Geelong Beer Tour follow environmentally-friendly practices by composting and offering spent grain to local farmers. By reducing their impact on the environment, it’s no surprise how choosing craft beer over popular selections can taste and feel good in many ways. Not to mention, buying from your local brewery means you’re also supporting your local economy.


Great beer starts with superior ingredients, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your local brewery produces craft beers that are sure to delight your taste buds in every way. From sustainable brewing to offering a wide variety of flavours in a bang for the buck price tag, craft beer is sure to provide a unique and flavoursome drinking experience.

If you’re looking to explore craft beer and its world of flavours in Australia, get in touch with Geelong Beer Tour and see how we can help you quench your thirst for quality drinks.