Regardless of whether you’re operating in an area where the winter continues to blow hard or at a destination that stays hot all-year-round, there’s no denying that your employees could use a brewski every one in a while.

As time passes by and the tasks grow even more difficult, chances are that your team members’ morale continues to be affected while creating more reasons to look forward to a drink out. With workdays getting longer and weeks feeling like complete months, everyone in the office can inadvertently get a few notches closer to blowing up. However, did you know that you can let cooler heads prevail with a corporate brewery tour?

Why corporate brewery tours are the solution you need

By going on a corporate brewery tour, you’re essentially preventing your workers from burning out, messing up, and quitting by showing them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Instead of leaving them with no choice but to wait tirelessly until the weekend arrives for them to rest, taking your team members on a corporate brewery tour can easily boost office morale for greater productivity. Corporate brewery tours, in essence, act as a much-needed downtime that your employees can use to reset, relax, and enjoy before they get back on the challenging grind, all while reinforcing a stronger team bonding.

As easy as it may be to say that a corporate brewery tour can help provide the best team building experience possible, creating a successful event that everyone can enjoy is a different story.

Key tips for piecing a successful corporate brewery tour

Fortunately, the entire process of planning a successful corporate brewery tour that your employees will enjoy is a challenge that can be overcome by taking the right tips in mind. If your team members have become increasingly downtrodden overtime and could use a change of scenery and a new experience, here are three ways you can plan a successful corporate brewery tour:

1. Choose a date where everyone’s available

Before you even think about trying to put a successful corporate brewery tour together, it is important to ensure that everyone in your office is available on the said date. Taking the time to ensure that everyone is available helps with making sure that no employee gets left out, avoiding any counterproductivity or ill-harboured feelings!

Generally speaking, the best time to schedule a beer tour (especially with Geelong Beer Tours) is on a Thursday or Friday so that the transition to more rest on the weekend is much smoother!

2. Avoid the forcefulness but encourage employees to go on the beer tour

One of the biggest mistakes that some business owners make when they try to generate excitement over a particular event is that they make their employees feel forced to anticipate.

Forcing anyone to partake in a corporate brewery tour is much like being a hostage or peer pressured––no one will be comfortable, it doesn’t help your cause, and it can lead to bigger problems. Instead of making the corporate brewery tour mandatory, make the idea of the experience more appealing to even the most seldom of beer-drinking employees by:

Letting them know what to watch out for in the upcoming experience
Emphasizing on the fact that this tour will help them find a beer that best fits them
Offering alternative and similar experiences if they aren’t keen on enjoying a beer tour

3. Treat the opportunity to go on a corporate brewery tour as a reward

The only way to make the idea of going on a corporate brewery tour even sweeter is to present it as a reward for all the hard work and dedication that your employees have given. By approaching the entire experience with a state of mind that says “Hey, I appreciate your hard work and you deserve this,” you’ll be able to easily bring out the desired response from your employees!


Corporate brewery tours, more often than not, are a wonderful idea that helps provide a desirable experience for every team member in your business to relax and wind down. By taking the necessary steps to put a much better plan together, you’ll be able to make the experience even more memorable for your employees and keep them motivated for years to come!

If you are planning for a corporate brewery tour soon, get in touch with us today to book a Geelong beer tour!